Despite trading for the last 35 years it's only in the last decade that we have focused all of our effort's on importing cars & commercials to order.


In 2011 our group resigned from all new car franchising together with car servicing and parts sales in order to focus 100% of its time on developing what we saw as the future of car sales. Life and all that entails has become incredibly time-consuming for people leaving very little time for people to shop around looking for cars.


This together with a massive shortage of quality used cars in Ireland as a result of the global financial crash confirmed that the UK market was going to play a major role in Ireland.


George Mordaunt


Of course all of these indicators were pre-Brexit which has resulted in even greater demand.


We pride ourselves on being different. How we communicate - how we price cars - how we construct the overall transaction. Unlike most dealerships we work for a set profit per car sold as opposed to working towards the market value of the car thus allowing the customer to make significant savings.


Our approach is about cost saving, time efficiency and creative selection of product - in other words trying to offer the customer something that is completely different to what the traditional Irish motor industry has and will offer into future.


We were established in 1982. We are a family run business (second generation) We are also the longest serving motor retailer in Clonmel Town having employed over 211 people since we commenced operations. We are a member of Society of Irish motor industry.

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