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Cost €125


One of the most popular searches which allows us to target ex company managerial cars which have very detailed service history as they would have had free servicing with no expense spared. These cars would be very well maintained with over 100'000 Miles completed.


This is the ideal package for a customer with a set budget and by maintaining a higher mileage we can move up the year of the car at a very economic cost eg. " What does €16'000 buy me in a VW Passat 2.0 diesel?" - " by increasing the mileage to 110'000 miles would increase by 1 year for just €500 more".



- Target ex managerial cars
- Cars with only appropriate grading with AA reports supplied
- Allows the customer to work to a fixed budget but increase the year of the car without any extra cost.
- Purchased from highly regarded vendors such as Hitachi, Araval, Lex Autolease & Leaseplan.
- 100k search applied creatively will result in different solutions for the customer
- Every purchase is signed off by the owner
- Stock is hand picked to avoid negative quality issues


Special Conditions


*** All vehicles must be paid for within 72 hours of purchase

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