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About Us


Let Our 35 Years Experience Help You

"Everyday we sell cars that we dont have to people that have not visited Clonmel. Its called virtual selling & its the future"

                                                       George Mordaunt -  RTE TV August 2013



Imagine buying your next car in the UK without having to move from the comfort of your own home.

This is Irelands first and only Revenue aprroved dedicated used car sourcing company.

Now in its 10th year !


Fresh research now suggests that people purchasing cars no longer have time or patience to shop around. Hectic schedule and a busy family life have significantly limited "shopping around" time for used cars. 

This is one of two trends - the other being the significant influence that technology is playing within the industry. With the help of visual imagery Skype and other sales aide tools  more and more people are purchasing their vehicles online and from the comfort of their own home. Other trends suggest that buyers are now more anxious to purchase used cars rather than face enormous depreciation on a brand-new car. Brexit has further focused buyers towards the UK market given the weakness of the Pound. 

9 years ago our company identified these trends and initiated a number of strategic key partnerships in Britain allowing us to source significant levels of quality used vehicles.

In that time we have sourced and delivered thousand of vehicles to customers who effectively just  handled us their shopping list.