The financing of a car remains a critical part of the purchase however, it is now accepted that it is more difficult to secure finance during these very difficult times. That been said there are still active finance houses in the market place and in most cases it is business as usual.

In the motor industry First Auto Finance, AIB and Bank of Ireland along with your local Credit Union would be the most commonly used finance institutions. Applications on behalf of any of these institutions can be taken on your behalf by our sales team.  

Motor finance can be arranged on the day once you provide the selling dealership with basic information such as address, date of birth, occupation and details of the car that you are thinking of purchasing. Rates have never been cheaper so please take the time to use our finance calculator which will allow you to estimate your monthly repayments.

Mordaunt Group Motor is geared towards giving the customer a speedy sanction in order for them to be able to make the correct decision on the car of their dreams. Please feel free to contact any of our sales representatives to request more information.


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