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Top 3 conditions to note

(1) Deposit refunds

(2) Fees

(3) Payment methods.

Wesourcenecar.com is an interactive online site that allows customers to experience virtual car sales while reviewing certain stock which is either held, arriving or available to order from the UK. In simple terms it allows you to buy your next car in the UK without having to take any risk or time out to travel to the UK. We handle everything allowing you to make one visit to Clonmel to pick up your car. The site does not incorporate and form any commitment financial or otherwise by the customer. It's services are purely for the purpose of marketing until the sales process begins. This service will be executed verbally between the customer and salesperson.

All clients must be over the age of 18

Our fee to source is €400 which we ask the client to pay upfront however if we are successful in sourcing a vehicle  we then refund the fee. If for any reason we fail to purchase a car for the client or if the client decides to cancel the order we retain the fee. To be clear - if we sucessfully supply a car there is NO fee and where we are unsuccesful a fee of €400 will apply. We DONT view or source cars for clients who have not paid the €400 fee.

Once a verbal instruction is given by the cleint requesting the dealership to purchase a car on behalf of the cleint - the fee switches to a deposit. No refunds will apply from this point.

Photo ID will be required when customer is collecting their vehicle.

€100 charge applies to all transactions however that fee increases at times to €265 once euro value drops to below .7288. Please note that all of these fees can be avoided if the cleint chooses to pay for the car using sterling.

We only accept funds transfer and cash as methods of payment. If cash is being used a 0.5% fee will apply. Bank drafts and cheques are not accepted.

We do not permit mechanics / representatives/ body panel representatives to inspect any car on behalf of a client. If the client requires a second opinion prior to completion we recommend a full onsite inspection by the AA. Any fees charged by the AA must be paid by the client however the dealership are happy to arrange for an onsite callout and are also happy to allow the AA to use our facilities.

A stage payment will be agreed with all clients in advance of delivery on a case by case basis prior to the re registering of the vehicle and only where the vehicle has been directly sourced from the UK. This payment will be required after the dealership purchases but before we put the car into the clients name ( VRT car) This payment will be deducted from your final account.

Clients are invited to purchase 'Halo protection' at a cost of €70 which gives you peace of mind for 21 days after collection against faults / engine management lights / diagnostic  failures.This fee will cover the cost of any repair provided the fault was not caused by driver error.

All external preparation is included in the piece.
Tyres are replaced ( no charge) if under 2mm
1.5 mm is the legal limit

All cars will have a full 80 point safety check carried out. Basic interim service (covering to next scheduled service) will be carried out replacing only oil, oil filter air filters & wipers. Timing belt upgrade is available at a reduced fixed price of €160 if required.This includes water pump cost. Brake overhaul if required will cost €80 per set. if brakes are required on the day of delivery the dealership will replace free of charge. Please note that these charges represent a 70% discount and are optional.

The agreed transaction and supply of goods is subject to the final approval of the customer therefore each customer will inspect and review their new car upon arrival to ensure that both the dealership and the product have in no way been misrepresented to the client. Any discrepancy, alteration or misrepresentation by the dealership gives the customer the right to cancel the transaction and seek an immediate refund of all monies paid. The customer accepts that any such variances would be completely apparent and not based on opinions. The transaction between the dealership and client is executed in good faith.

It should not be assumed that any type of warranty comes free with any purchase. Individual warranty options are available to purchase.

All transactions are documented on a standard SIMI sales order form which details (as set out by the Society Of The Irish Motor Industry) all consumer rights .

All vehicles sourced and purchased by the dealership on behalf of clients are subject to HPI check , Cartell check , visual on site inspection prior to export , Applus inspection ( Government body that handle NCT) followed by full pre delivery inspection and preparation by our aftersales department.

Use of this website or a request for information generated from this site does not require any commitment by the customer. It's services are free of charge.

WesourceNEcar.com is a marketing name held by the Mordaunt Group located at Powerstown Clonmel who are a registered SIMI dealer and who have been in the Motor Business since 1982.



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